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Things to Know

  • At what age can my child start gymnastics classes?
    Your child can start a gymnastics class as early as soon as they are walking! We also have Indoor playground which is open, parent supervised play.
  • How do I know what class to register my child in?
    This one is simple! If you do not know where to place your child who is 6 + simply call in to make an assessment or click here to request an assessment!
  • What type of training do the coaches have?
    Salta has a professional roster of qualified coaches who are trained through Gymnastics Canada and the National Coaches Certification Program (Levels 1-4). Not only are our coaches professionally trained but they all hold a Respect in Sport certificate. All staff are also required to undergo police and child welfare screening. We also have a team of Junior Coaches who are under the mentorship of our certified coaches. They assist with the classes and are learning valuable skills so they too can move up the ranks to one day coach on their own!
  • What are the rules for classes?
    Visit the Salta policies and safety rules page Athletes only in the gym – Only participating athletes ( and adults in pre-school groups) are permitted in the gym area during class time (unless otherwise instructed). Athletes are not allowed on any of the equipment before or after their class unless supervised by an instructor. Parents are asked not to converse with the athletes while in a class situation. No food or gum is permitted in the gym. Have a blast!
  • How are classes typically run?
    Each class is different and unique when it comes to age and level. When registering for a class however you can expect that your little athlete will touch on the following events: Girls’ Events : Floor, Vault, Bars, Beam and Trampoline Boys’ Events : Floor, Vault, Bars, Rings, Trampoline and Pommel Horse Trampoline and Tumbling Events: Floor, Tumble Track and Trampoline
  • How many students are typically in a class?
    The number of students in a class varies depending on the age and the particular program. All of our ratios fall under the suggested guidelines of Alberta Gymnastics Federation.
  • Can family members watch?
    YES! We have a large viewing area with windows or an open upper level from which you can see most of your child’s class. Unless your child is in a parent participation class, our insurance mandates that parents are not allowed in the gym during class times.
  • What to wear?
    We recommend athletes wear a gym suit or comfortable athletic clothing. Please no buttons, buckles, zippers or strings. Jewelry of any kind is not allowed in the gym. Gymnasts participate bare foot except for trampoline athletes who must wear socks. Hair must be tied back.
  • Make-up Classes
    Due to coach/athlete ratios, make-up classes are not available. In the event of a club cancellation, a make-up class will be offered at the club's discretion.
  • What holidays are you closed?
    We are closed for: Victoria Day, Easter Monday, Family Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Years Day. Please call the office for more information.
  • If I have concerns, who do I speak to?"
    If your concern is athlete - coach related we ask that you please speak to the direct coach first. Often solutions are found at this initial level and can be cleared up promptly. You can email us at or call 403.526.2900 if you have any further questions.
  • My Child was injured in class. How do I access the insurance company?
    For more information regarding ALberta Gymnastics and Insurance please click here Please click here for the Medical Claims Form. Please click here for the Dental Claim Form.
  • How much do classes cost?
    Class cost can vary depending on length, ability and type of class. Please click here to see registration costs!
  • How do I register for a class?
    For your convenience, class availability and registration can be completed online. Full payment is required at the time of registration. Click here to register. You may also register in person at the gym. We accept visa, Mastercard and debit.
  • What if we want to drop a class?
    Please read the club rules and policies on the class registration form and also online when you first begin the process. link to salta policies
  • Do I have to pay the AGF insurance fee?
    Salta is a member of Alberta Gymnastics Federation and are required to provide each member with insurance. This protects both parties. Families will have peace of mind should an injury occur while participating at Salta. All of our members must have insurance to access our programs.

Programs Available

Fall Session

 Winter - Spring Session
March 1st - June 5th
12 Week Session


Spring Mini Session


Jumpin' Gym Mini's - (Walking to 2 years)
Loosely structured time together for the parent and
child using balls, music and equipment to develop basic motor skills.
* Children must be accompanied by an adult.

GYM MITES- (Age 2)
Emphasizes basic coordination skills through
participation in games, songs, and movements.
* Children must be accompanied by an adult.

Emphasizes basic coordination and balancing skills
through games, songs, and movements.
* Children must be accompanied by a parent.

GYMTOTS ( Age 4 & 5)
Designed to provide children with an introduction
to basic gymnastics on all types of apparatus.

SUPERTOTS (Age 4 & 5)
An advanced level of pre-school gymnastics, learning
more difficult elements on high beams and bars.
*By coaches invitation only.

To register for any pre school program: CLICK HERE




***boys and girls***
Designed on specific skills that follow the CanGym
program - beginner classes.
*Must be six years of age.



Designed on specific skills that follow the CanGym
program - intermediate classes.


Silver, Orange, Yellow, Green & Up
Designed for those girls who are working on the higher
levels of the CanGym program - advanced classes. 
Designed to increase balance, coordination and spatial
awareness as well as the basics of trampolining and trampoline safety.

Intermediate Boys (Bronze - Purple)



Advanced Boys (Blue & Up)


AGID (Adapted Gymnastics for Individuals with Disabilities)


To register for any recreational classes: CLICK HERE


Competitive Program

Ages 6+
Competitive. A 12 month program from July to June. Two to five days of practice/week. Team Positions are limited and pending try-outs. If you are interested in our program simply click on "THE TEAM" at the top of the page for more information or email 

Ages 3-7 

Pre-competitive. A 10 month program from September to June. One to two days of practice/week. Team positions are limited and pending try-outs. For more information email 

SAS ( Salta's Achievement Squad) Demo Team

10 month program from September to June.  Two days of practice/week. Team positions are limited and pending try-outs. For more information visit the SAS page. 

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