SALTA Achievement Squad

Salta's Achievement Squad or SAS as they are known around the gym,

is a performance group dedicated to celebrating movement and physical activity in a non-competitive environment while capturing the true essence of the ‘Gymnastics for All’ and ‘Active for Life’ philosophies of sport and recreation.


With the yearly goal to attend Gymfest, SAS is a fun way to commit to more than once a week in recreational and less than competitive.  The focus of the team is to showcase their talents, creativity, and love of gymnastics and dance.  The performances are choreographed to music often with costumes, themes, props, and apparatus. They are presented throughout the year at various competitions.


Our amazing certified coaches work with athletes of all ages and skill levels focusing on safety, learning new skills and having fun in an encouraging group environment.  












SALTA Achievement Squad
SAS Demo

SAS 2021-2022 Team Picture.jpg

2018 Gymnaestrada 

SAS Performance